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Metal Framing

Every building starts with a frame. While many of us are used to these frames being made of wood, what if there was an even stronger option that would last even longer? This is where metal framing comes in.

A home or commercial space constructed using a metal frame will be constructed faster due to the light weight of the metal studs and flexibility of installation techniques. Commercial spaces especially have caught on to the benefits of steel framing systems with more than 40% of these structures being built using this material.

Steel frame construction is the clear option when it comes to long-lasting durability and affordability. Give Precision Custom Construction, Inc. a call today to see how metal studs can make a difference on your construction site!

Reasons to Choose Metal

When most people think about choosing a metal frame for their home or business over wood, the advantages become obvious quite quickly.

Metal studs are light making them simple to transport. Unlike wood, metal is a solid material that won’t warp in cold or warm temperatures. And, when it comes to durability, steel framing systems win out every time.

Metal framing is recommended for seismic zones for its strength, and since it is not a porous material, you’ll never have to worry about termites and other destructive insects. And of course, steel is also fireproof.

Steel Frame Construction Cost

With its many advantages over wood framing including resistance to fire, earthquakes, and strong winds, it’s easy to assume that metal studs are a costly investment.

Made of 25% recycled material, steel frame homes and business cost on average between $9.50-11 per square foot with an added $3 for materials. Considering that wood framing will put you out $2-12 per square foot with an added cost for materials, you could find yourself saving money.

At Precision Custom Construction, Inc. we aim to keep our pricing competitive. Give us a call today and we’ll even start you off with a free, no-obligation estimate for services!

Certified Professionals

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, you can count on Precision Custom Construction, Inc. to complete quality construction on every job. Your contractor will be certified with all the experience required to both advise you properly and carry out safe and efficient construction.

Fully certified and committed to excellence, our team regularly re-educates themselves on building techniques as well as design to better benefit our valuable clients.

Are you Ready to Start Building?

The longer you wait to get started on a durable and long-lasting frame for your home or business, the longer it will take for you to complete the build and move in!

At Precision Custom Construction, Inc. we believe in the numerous benefits of steel frame homes and commercial spaces.

If you want to find out more information on this topic or are ready to get building, just give us a call today. One of our dedicated team members will be happy to advise, or book our first meeting!